I've survived 2 weeks!

I wish that I still didn't feel so icky about all this. Life threw a huge curve ball with this class and this deployment and just everything. I hate that I can't talk to him whenever I want to...sometimes I just get so grumpy until I talk to him. I can't change it and I wish I could get used to it because it's about to get worse. I don't think he's learned any new skills since being away, he qualified for Army sharpshooter and stuff. He was in a rollover simulator today and he said it didn't phase him at all. Not surprising since e has no emotion lol. He's excited about getting to come home for a bit (me too!) He'll have lots of pictures when he comes home. He says he loves and misses everyone.
PS..he gets the most packages :D


I crack myself up

So it's been a long but fast week (is that possible?) It feels like it's been 3 years since he left, seeing as how I've had like 2 nights of sleep. I was awaken this morning by the sound of the biscuit phone...that was funny...so we did that and then mother-in-law and I went to base so she could get booze cheaper there, yes it's quite a drive to the base. anyway...then she dropped me off and I thought I'd make D some cutesy pictures to put in his next package. So I sat on the floor and let the dogs lick my face while I tried to snap some pictures...try is a good word...they see the tiny light that comes on, lick my mouth and scatter so all i get is a picture of dog tush. So i went to work to print them off...stayed an hour and held a baby and now instead of a picture he's now getting a 12x12 mini scrapbook...lmao mini...then i came in here awaiting an email from a stranger. While I was in here (no email, rude) I thought I'd put a ticker on my page to show how long D has been away. I make the ticker and hit get the code..wait and wait..put the code on my page and look at it to see how it looks. Then I laugh, he's only been gone 8 days...8 of the longest freaking days of my life (aw that's true love) No but seriously sometimes I crack myself up...8 days...c-r-aaaa-p


what a day!

First...I so did not sleep last night! UGH! This has got to stop. So work was ok I got the shakes and so that kinda wrecked it. But I get back from lunch and I'm helping a customer when I hear something. And then I feel drops of water on my arms? So I turn around OMG! Not water! Dr. Pepper...2 liters of it hit the floor and exploded! I had no idea that 10 ft by 7ft high shower of soda was possible. It so is. Then I had to get D some stuff to send him. So I gather my stuff and I stop to get him a card. I'm so proud of myself I find this one where you can record a message and put a picture in it. PERFECT! I pay and I'm leaving with 30 min to get to a post office where I have no idea is. I get in the car and realize that I don't have a picture to put in it. DUH! I did find one of my nephews (yes they are mine) whew crisis adverted. So I get lost and drive past the post office 3 times before I find. I get my card out, still all proud, it's a birthday card! LMAO! It will have a good story when he gets it. Then I'm in the PO and a woman comes in and she has cupcakes and offers me one...hello fat kid I'm not turning down cake! It was the most beautiful and yummy cupcake ever! Be jealous when you see the picture of it!


what day is this!?!

oh ya day 3...and I'm still here! :) just kidding...I've been through worse. The best part is that he can talk on the phone. When he has no phone access I feel so cut off, it's sickening. Friday was super suck-tastic. I had every intention of working but after getting up at 3am, I was wore out. I instead went to the city for a venti white mocha and some new shoes. Ah temporary new loves! I kept my phone glued to me in case he didn't get to call me for another week. I just couldn't miss his call. I was so exhausted I slept awesome Friday night, last night however...not so much. When the alarm went off for Sunday school i was feeling anything but joy. I managed to put on my pretty clothes and chug some coffee. about 3 times today i had to choke back the tears. It's hard to continue your routine when half of you is missing. Our church family is awesome though and after I got seated in the pew i felt the weight start to lift. O O O i got to see 2 little sisters get baptized this morning. That was so awesome. I appreciate everyone checking on me :) i know it's hard to understand what I'm going through right now. Unfortunately i have to see the big picture and now that while this trip is short, the next is not.


day 1

is slowly (very) turning into day 2...I know that it's hard for most people to imagine what I'm feeling, and you are truly blessed for that. I already miss my life as I'm used to it...he'll be back soon though. The sadness comes mostly from knowing that while this trip is "brief" his time home is more so and his continuing trip is only brief to the Army (which I don't like a.t.m.) My body is messed up from being awake at 3 am and still being awake at almost 9pm (we all know I only like to be awake 10 hours of the day). anyway....all this randomness is getting away from me, there will be a blog of all my new loves I acquired today while I was "sick"...the sun will rise tomorrow...i will make it through this..and i will cry AH HA!!! I just put life into a nutshell :)

remember when life knocks you to your knees you're in the perfect position to pray

Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."
Matthew 19:26

*pictures tomorrow*


what I love about Sunday

ladies in pretty dresses...guys in handsome clothes...Preacher standing up there with his booming voice...choir getting everyone to sing along

this morning was pretty amazing...we had a super full Sunday school class...Beth and Patrick just have that warming effect...once we got into the sanctuary is was business as usual. I went around and said my hellos and gave hugs. We settled into our seats with the good view of the pulpit. We did our singing and chattering and the Preacher calls up an older couple who have something to say (I already know cause he told me on Friday) this man gets up there and tells us how he's been a member of our church for 50 years and he's blessed for his family and his church famliy..then he tells everyone so brave without his voice shaking that he has Alzheimers. w-o-w. then the preacher has them stand up there so we can come pray with them. But he pauses and says I also need another couple to come up here...he serioulsy just said our names...D says :oh no: the preacher laughs...I can't hardley navigate in my 4inch heels and skirt. People I have never seen were up there crying and praying for us. w-o-w. We are truley blessed


one week

the count down begins...I hate so much that I have to be this strong. On the other hand look how much I gain from it. It I can survive this, I can survive anything. True strength is watching your husband get on that airplane..you stand there as the tears fall..feeling so helpless..you want to call out...every horrible thought is running across your brain..thank god he's not some Marine driving a vehicle in a 7 vehicle convoy across Baghdad...that wife will always be stronger than me. God's hand wll always be around my husband, he will come home to me. I am thankful for that everyday..it never changes the loneliness or heartbreak but that light is always there at the end of the road.


It's a pink day

oh wait...that's everyday for me! As I hope everyone knows, October is truly the pink month. It's breast cancer awareness month. 1 in every 8 women will be diagnosed...so squish your boobies to save your life. I think it's awesome how much everyone is doing to educate every woman and the best part is, it all comes in pink! I got up this morning and was feeling pink so I wore my newest favorite shoes...my S.M. hot pink jellies and a top to match. D came home last night witht he most beautiful rose, in pink. It's huge and the fragerance is unbelieveable! and to top it off the BX had a huge set up of BC stuff, so I had to get the BC Yankee Candle and let me just say...it's smells delicious! (mandarin cranberry)...so lick lids, buy the pink kitchen ware and do a monthy self exam...it could save your life.