I'm loving 2010

So far January is turing out pretty dang good! We found out today that our God Niece will be here on the 25th (if not sooner) We are so very excited! We love her and her brother as much as we love the 3 "we" already have. It's been beyond exciting to be there in person and watch her grow :) We know that we may never have our own kids and we just have to give away all this love we have<3 I can't wait to see her (after they get the goo off of her) and I can't wait to be with her as she grows. It's been so awesome to watch the other 3 and let's face it, there really isn't a greater feeling than we they see you and get so excited becuase they remember you. I'm at 4.5 nieces and nephews and that is something awesome


January 2010

It's amazing how far I've come. I would like to take the credit for my hard work but the glory goes to God. He is my Savior, my Redeemer, my one true God and he is simply amazing. I did not make resolutions this year nor did I set a long list of goals. My plan for the year to focus on only positive. Dive into His Word deeper than before and not get sidetracked with Earthly things. So far the year is coming along nicely. I have my husband home, I've got to see my niece and nephews, my God niece is going to be here any day, my beloved parents will be here in less than three weeks, and I strong, wonderful relationships. There are many things that I pray become different, relationships that grow, better time management, and some others :). We are in a super good place with my fertility dr, I'm aceing school like a champ, and my bedroom is almost complete! Life is Good and to God be the Glory! He will never fail you, He is the author and the finisher! God Bless <3