anyone here *echo* guess not judging by the lack of comments *ahem*

Do you ever just sit back and go "what did I get myself into", I do. Of course then I think about the crazy ride that lead me there and I can't help but smile. There are things I would change about our life because let's face it, I'm strong enough :) The reality is that if he could re-enlist right now he would and fast. I am however perturbed by some of the things people say. I have ordered my very cute yellow ribbon shirt, I have a million ideas for care packages, and hopefully enough projects to keep my mind from going fuzzy. So remember the next time you start to say something to wife when she's at this point think to yourself....Iraq and remember that if you haven't walked in those shoes don't feel the need for a thinkless comment.

"it never get's easier, just different"



i LOVE sleep..who doesn't? We have been running non stop since we got home from Cali. We're less than 20 days from D leaving and we still have SO much to do. The wedding in Cali was good, we got to see everyone and hang out. It made me want to go back for good :) We took tons of pictures and really enjoyed the time we spent there. We missed the babies though, D swears Sister got big. I think she just got fat...possibly cause she was being fed from the table??? Right now I'm going to go spend some quality time with D, everything is one day at a time and today is a good day.


so many things....

...so freaking little time!!! and to think people are this busy and carrying kids around too! Right before it's time for D to leave I always feel like my to do list is 3 miles long and I have 1 minute to be super wifey and get it done. Not that I'm complaining...it sure does make the time go by with less tears. He started getting his Anthrax, etc...shots yesterday...GAH knife to my heart. I have good things to look forward to while he's gone. G is SOOO staying at Auntie's house, I'm going to let him do WHATEVER he wants :) shhh..don't tell his mommy ;) anyway...I need to call Cali and see why I still haven't got my birth certificate, and driver's licence. Get a new ID... *sigh* in the mean time find out where the hubs is..anyone know? and go watch P's ballgame


Infertility Hurts...

and so do the shots that go with it! I have to say that once again I let myself get wrapped up in what I was positive where the first few signs of pregnancy. Once again I was wrong...and boy was it an appt! It started with hem not being again to get blood to go into the needle...so she puts the needle in and is using her other hand to force blood out...OF MY HAND! The entire top of my hand is black! Then I get the other SUPER FUN exams...(I'll spare you dad) and he says "well Mrs. G...*scratches his head* (mind you I'm still wearing a sheet) I'm going to give you blah blah shot...make you ovulate blah blah. WTF!?! OMG!?! That shots sucks! I know I should be thankful that I came in that day but last time I threw up..on myself! Now I have to be known as "pukes in car 3 times over river" SUCKY! Anyway mother in law (why is it when i need a shot the experts are half the US away!) came over and gave me the shot in the stomach..THANK GOD FOR BEING CHUNKY! No puking this time...just a super sore injection site. YAY for ovulating keep your fingers crossed.



It's funny how when you're little you have your whole life picked out...then in walks a handsome man in BDU's...well the first date he was wearing a race shirt and jeans! Never in a million years did I think I'd be living in hillbilly Oklahoma, with 3 "dogs" and husband. I love my life..it's hard and there are lots of bumps...but I am very proud of my Airman and take my wifey job very serious. D is getting ready to delpoy again and I found myself desperately searching for that calming place. Check back often you never know what I may write, I am afterall a Yankeeeee!