Trust in Me

that was what today's sermon was about...trusting in Him. So many things have been going on lately, that most days I just work and sleep. I have been praying hard core for answers...while I am still confused about some things I got clarity in others today. When you truly open your heart and let the anxiety out He's there.
today after church we went to Beth's and had lunch. Then we went over to the rest home and sang Christmas songs and one of the Deacon's did a short sermon about knowing Christ as more than Baby Jesus. One of the other girls from my class took her three little ones over there and everyone just loved them. Even if one did do a rain dance in the middle of the room the entire time.
D is good. He talks about things I don't want to hear but he's still talking so it can't be that bad...I guess. The way people have been behaving amazes me to no end but that is just making me stronger. One day when he takes off him armor and puts down his gun all will be right in the world


God is good

D called and he's made it to his final base. I am so thankful! I know that God is with him, protecting him. And if for some reason He decides it's his time, I know he will go to Heaven. We have bathed in the water and every day we strive to bathe in the blood. I am so happy that I have my church family here, without their support I would be lost is so many ways. I cannot wait until Christmas Eve when we are sitting the the pews with each other and celebrating what God did for us. He gave us his only Son, the only non sinner, Jesus. I miss you so much honey! My heart hurts for you everyday. We are strong, others can't do this, we can. I love you


was i really...

holding my breath that long!?! It's so weird because D called tonight..after a missed call earlier.... I must have let out the biggest sign of relief because within 10 mins the bff called to see if I'd talked to him. then within 30 mins my mama called, then within an hour mil called...weird! he's not where he was supposed to be for part one. He's in now in a mid-point. He's doing good, he hadn't showered, changed, scraped his teeth since he left OKC, until today. He did take a convoy from part one to mid-point. NOT what I like to hear at all! He's not sure how long he'll be at mid-point before he goes to the final leg. It was so hard not to cry when we were saying good bye on the phone...I can't help how choked my voice gets. I haven't slept in days and my back is killing me...will update later


day 1...part 2

today wasn't that bad...I guess. Serioulsy though, I freaking hate the airport! Whenever I'm in it my stomach is in knots. I am so tired that I don't have the energy to cry. I realized earlier that D and I have been married exactly 2 years and 8 days today...and in 4 months when we've been married exactly 3 years...I'll be sitting here typing lol. D called just a bit ago and said it was his last phone call for 1, 2, 3, 4, -12+ days...yay!..not..things are just stupid. Then he called again, I was hoping for the "just kidding, we're coming home" (I heard him say it, it was just in my head) It's so hard not to cry when I talk to him but I've learned since this is our 4th or 5th major seperation in 2.8 years, that if you hold the tears in long enough they never fall

what a stupid day

Like it isn't bad enough that he's leaving, for Iraq, but do they seriously have to be there so early! We got 1.5 hours of sleep last night...I'm sure if it was worth it or made waking up harder. Nanner and Papa were there and J was flying out to work so he was there too. Nanner had us all hold hands and J say a prayer...that started the water works. D hates it when I cry at the airport so for the most part I hold it in. I didn't go through security...it would only be for 5 minutes and that walk out alone is hard. I sat in the chair with Nanner and she chit-chatted so it kept my mind semi busy. It might be a few days or more than a week before I talk to D. Once he get's settled into his finally destinations I imagine that I'll be getting fairly regular calls. He should have his address about that time also, which I'll pass along. I'll post after I talk to him.



My time with D home has gone by so fast! I wish time would just stop. We've been having so much fun. MRG was here when he got home so we both got lots of love time in. We've wrestled in the grass over a stick, painted furniture, went shopping, I got Baptised, and we went to the movies. We saw 4 Christmas's, OMG! it's so funny! I laughed till I cried. We went to this awesome theatre where a waiter brought us cheese fries and ice cream, our chairs were warmed and huge! It was so fun. I have tons of pictures of D and I...it's almost sick but hey he's leaving lol. We have the squadron christmas on friday...that's always good for a laugh. Then doomsday is soon to follow. Off for some snuggle time :)