Is it really 03/04/2011?

I think that time is moving way to rapidly. I don't really have much to update since most people are in the know. I'm still waiting for a baby to fall out of the sky and be mine forever (ours, ours, ours, I never was good at sharing). I miss Chevy Dog more each day, I laid by my great-grandmother's bed everyday for what felt like forever. The difference is that she decided when it was time, I did not. An amazing amount of stress left me when it was all over with. I hope that he's up their keeping my babies safe until I get there. Myabe one day this will be a busy place full of even more random posts and pictures without faces or even better, pictures with faces! In the meantime enjoy the new blog, ingrone the header it's being hateful, and come back soon!



Hello Blog! This Princess has been super busy. I can't believe how in one instant our whole lives changed forever. I always thought that instant would be a third pregnancy or finally getting to hold our brand new gift from the water walker himself. But this time the instant was tragic, I totally saw it coming, I knew in my gut what that appointment was for. When all the words started coming out of her mouth I got dizzy and I felt the hot tears. How could she be saying this, to me, the princess. The girl who didn't go to college so she could have babies, the girl who has an extra room that is waiting to be covered in pink or blue. But she did and after she said all those words she said another (more like 5-10), surgery. Surgery, drilling, anethesia, burning... um, omg, keep your knife away from me, k thanks. So ya, I left my fertility dr with impending surgery and birth control. I wish I could go back to the days where my Coach was filled with sperm, needles, and vials of hormones that cost more than my entire outfit and my truck payment. She did say I have about 6 years before my body will not reposnd well to IVF. Either way, no babies are going to be made around here for awhile. Instead, I'm going to purchase one that has already been baked to perfection. It is going to be difficult to do this and I know it but I will have peace in knowing that a child was loved, fed, and wanted while it was in my home. They are not even here yet and they already have a grandma, grandpa, granny, pappy, greats, aunts, uncles, cousins, that loved them. I do worry about my little niece and nephew and how they'll do but they know Auntie loves them the most (K tells everyone) so I don't worry as much.


Hello Hello!

Let me tell you what a weekend we have had! I worked all of one day last week, poor me right :) Between appts, throwing up, and fried pies I have has zero down time. In fact right now at 11:01pm I am suppossed to doing an assignment that is due in two hours, yet here I am, blogging...at least I'm blowing the dust off my blog right? Anyway our meeting on Monday so did not go well, I thought I was going to get my hand held as we skipped down the yellow brick road and then signed on the dotted line. N-O-T even close! I was handed MORE paperwork to fill out. Either way I was slightly heartbroken and felt a little defeated. Then throwing up, seriously those girls that do it for fun are skinny, I pay good money to throw up and yet, my butt is HUGE. I did only have to take two doses! Suck on that you eight nasty little devil pills. Friday I drug my crabby butt out of bed and when to church to help the ladies with the fried pie fundraiser. OhEmGee!! I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I spent the next eight-ish hours rolling dough into circles and having hot flashes. I love those girls though, they keep me so grounded and are beyond real. Not to mention funny and ca-ute! But my proudest point of the weekend was when I, L.A.G got myself out of bed at 3:40am and was at church by 5am. GO MEEEE!! We spent the rest of the day filling pies while the Pastor Man fried them. There was more sleep deprived giggles than anything else of the day. At one point someone drank coffee thinking it was tea, a sweet lady said she "need a change of scenery", and the pastor's wife "good gamed me" while I was taking a drink. (my cheek stung for like 10 mins!). Overall we raised over 1250 bucks for our revival. I came home and took a two hour nap, only to be awaked by my loving husband going "whatcha doing", well I was sleeping....today instead of doing my very important assignment (the one I'm now blogging instead of doing) we got a bisuit, set up some lights, went for a ride, set up a flag pole, visited with my favorite, and ate fried pies. WHEW!!! What happened to my relaxing Sunday?