Nashville, the Grand Ole Opry, and a mall

Sunday was our last day with MRG and her parents. We had so much fun I was ready to start heading home. We had booked a really neat hotel in Nashville and I was looking forward to laying in that king size bed and doing nothing. The 9 hour car trip sucked but the hotel made up for it. We had a beautiful room on the 10th floor corner. We rested for a bit then we decided to sight see a little. On a map Nashville looks like a huge sprawling city...its only about 10 miles across. We went over to see the Grand Ole Opry. The grounds are so beautiful! We went in a little museum there and saw some history, including an exact replica of Patsy Cline's den from back in the day. Then we walked across the stree because DWG had seen a Bass Pro Shop he wanted to go into. Inside the mall they had a huge sting ray petting tank. We walked for what felt like forever in a neat mall, some regular, some outlet stores. We went back to the hotel and had yummy chicken pot pies in the resturant and then ordered red velvet cake with room service. The next morning we went and toured backstage at the Opry. It was so neat to stand on the stage and see the dressing rooms. We learned that the giant mall was 1.2 million sq ft....wow! The drive home was less than fun, 12 hours. We are home now and super happy! We miss the nephews and niece but there's always next time! *auntie shall fly*


dinner on the water

Last night we went and had dinner aboard the Spirit of Charelston. You get aboard a decent sized boat have a five course meal then walk up to the deck as look at the beautiful lights while the boat cruises around the bay. The food was really good a,d it was fun, two hours would have been fine with me but we got a three hour ride. I got totally motion sick but managed not to ruin the ride for everyone else. It's weird to but tourists and but the 20.00 pictures they take of you but the chances of DWG and being tourists again is slim to none.


patriot's point and the aquarium

DWG and I went down to Patriot's Point and the Charleston Aquarium today. PP is an old aircraft carrier and you tour every bit of it. Way hot and the freaking narrowest ladders ever! We are so spolied comapred to what those guys stayed in. Going up on the flight deck was pretty neat and what a view of the bay. DWG thought it was alot more interesting than I did, standard. We also went inside a missle launching submarie...OMG! talk about small, at some points we had to turn sideways to walk thru and every few feet there was the smallest opening that was 2 feet off the floor. I was not meant to crawl through holes in the center of walls and i wore a shorter skirt today. I was so embarrassed on all those ladders. That super nice of a Baptist woman. What can you do!?! Then I saw we were so close to the Aquarium, nerdy as it sounds I LOVE the aquarium. I think it's becuase I spent most of my summers in Half Moon Bay (San Fran) with my beloved GGranma. I love the touch pools and to see all the huge fish swimming around. This place had the coolest exhibits where the glass was only 3 feet high and open after that. I just wanted to put my hand in the water. One ex. was outside, on the second floor and it was all open topped and the turtles and birds that were sunning were just inches from my grasp and the backdrop was the ocean. DWG wants to know why i refuse to scuba dive if i get as giddy as a 5yo on christmas when i get to the aquarium. I have no answer except the thought FREAKS ME OUT!!!

Texas to S. Carolina

Our last day in Texas was beyond sad. It may sound dumb but i saw those boys and the sil everyday and i was used to it. I thank God he answered they're prayers and gave ETG the job he wanted and put them close to home. We left mid afternoon and went to Galveston and stayed with R&G. We had dinner right on the water and went shopping. We left bright and early monday morning and headed to florida. I don't really care for the bridges that go over the swaps at all...freaky! We stopped in Mississippi for lunch and shopping! People my husband took me shopping! Not only that he took me in the Coach and Diamond stores. I love him :) He took me to the base he's spent so much of his career at, talk aboiut beautiful! then we trudged on. We got ot florida about 4ish i guess. the plan was to get there early and go see some sights but the second i sat on the bed i wasn't willing to move until the next day. we had pizza delivered and i snuggled up and was out. we left pretty late in the afternoon on tuesday and drove around to beach and then made our way in. We gpt to nto MRG1's house about 11. MRG2 was sleeping but the next morning when her mommy brought her down...she's dang adorable ya'll! She's so much fun, it's so different interacting with her than the boys and i love it. I wish all of them would stop growing right now!


our last day

In san antonio and my heart hurts. I am so sad not to see my crying fit throwing handsome curious little baby in big boy body nephews almsot everyday. Thankfully they aren't going be too far and I've already planned on visiting at least once a month. I'm super excited for the next leg of our trip, houston to see my girl and SC to see MRG. I'm ready to be out of the hotel and ready to get some nutella crepes!


the great hot state of Texas

The drive from OK to TX went suprisingly fast. I have to say before I got out of the car, there are outlet malls EVERYWHERE! Hello love! I did get leg cramps about the last 2 hours which I realy fet after climbing the stairs to our 3rd story room. I was so ready to lay down in the bed. But there was a surprise on the bed. Hair, hairs everywhere. Nasty hairs on a fresh made bed. I call the front desk and they're like housekeeping's on the way. The rudest woman ever threw some sheets on the bed and said "we don't make beds at night" well she re-cleaned the whole room and DWG supervised :) The rest of the time has been wonderful, we've seen sil and bilKs new house and got to play with the boys (who are very happy to see their daddy)BIL had a ceremony yesterday and he got an awesome award. Today we are in TX on the parade field sitting in the sun watching the BMT graduation. Showers and sno cones coming up next


a blackberry and the internet

How lazy am I? I am sitting on the couch, 10 feet from my computer, yet I am blogging on my blackberry.
I am seriously dreading packing. Dwg is held up at the base, I'm fighting with the dr and I am so NEVER cleaning the boys toiet again! I'm ready for our normal life back, just me and dwg.

tomorrow, we travel

and we all know how i feel about being in the car. and we really know how DWG feels about being in the car with me. We are going to SA for a few nights, Houston, then on to SC...it's going to be incredibly long but DWG says we get to stop and sleep, in a bed. WOO HOO!!! I'm so going to miss the little men. They are so grown up, so big. GRG occasionally asks his mommy "mommy where winzey at?" aw! and most days that little one is so happy when we come through the door. The other day we went to pick them up after we got our hair done and mine was straight. GRG walks over and says "that winzey mommy, that winzey" poor guy I threw him off with the hair change (throws off DWG too) Tonight I have to feed three bottomless pits, pack, and get the car loaded...gah! off to do some hair and get lunch before my nail appt. stay tuned!


wonderful chaotic and full

life is wonderful, chaotic, full, and sad all at the same time. we are so BLESSED, so blessed with everything WE have worked for. we have so much that we say thank you for, we are so strong because we did it on our own. we have had help with a few things, sometimes i wish more, we could have survived without our gifts. (except the fence a wonderful set of grandparents bought us) i mean really at 23 i was signing papers to a brand new house, with an acre of land. we drive two very nice cars and we wear very nice clothes. (really DWG has nice clothes he just chooses to "save" them) yet I feel "jealous" because it seems like everyone around us has it so easy. I know that looks can be decieving, look at us we are happy and perfect on the outside but hurt so very bad on the inside. everything we do is with blood sweat and tears. we're still trying to make our house perfect. somedays i wish i could catch a break and hold someone's hand as i'm wisked through this wonderful, chaotic, full, and blessed life. I got sad news this morning, we will recover, we always do. and with this sadness i was reminded to remember how blessed i am, not to be jealous, and i was shown that i AM getting whisked through life with my hand held and that knowing one day i will be with My Lord, My Savior in the glorious wonderful Kingdom of Heaven for all of eternity, i stop and realize that i have more than can ever be gifted to me by someone here on earth and for that I am the most blessed.


Happy Sunday!

Today was such a wonderful day! It started last night when the Pastor called DWG and asked if he would carry the flag during the 4th of july celebration in the morning. We did our usual church routine then the Pastor talked about how proud he was on DWG and how he was so honored that he had gone and did what he did for us. and as we stood and sang there stood my handsome husband up on the altar holding that flag all dressed in his blues. The old men shook his hand all morning like it was the first time they'd ever seen him. I am proud.
then we went home and changed and ate at our favorite mexican resturant, went to walmart for some food, finished the office re-organizing, then we worked out and are relaxing a little before dinner. I know how the Pastor feels about un-neccisary work on the sabbath but it's hard when you feel so energized, so renewed after the sermon. Maybe he needs to have less invigorating sermons :). What a beautiful day!


He's home!

What a long and hard journey, but we made it! We always do :) It's surprising, odd really, how we just "fell back into place" No power struggles, no fights...weird. I think I know why (thanks Big Guy).
Last friday pretty much sucked. D was supposed to land at 120pm instead he landed at 415pm. The whole while he was in Dallas and we had two muffins who just didn't understand what was going on. I wasn't much better either, after my self pity cry I went to the mil's and hung with the sil and babes until it was good to go (we hoped) He eventually got off and the boys were so happy to see him! Even my little buddy, traiter but none the less, went and got in Uncle D's arms.
On a sad note though, the babe's mommy is counting down to their rapid departure date. I'm happy for them but really, I mean kinda rude they're leaving! :) It's amazing how you see them almost everyday and yet you almost can't get enough. That little one sucks in this breath and then squeals and "hi" when he sees you and the big one is constantly saying "tickle me tickle me", ugh break my heart I am going to miss them! They are adorable but they are mine forever and SA isn't far, it's just not 3 miles.
We have a huge vaca planned in a few weeks. SA to see the bil be an official "meany", the big H to see the bestest and her family, then dinner with D's uncle, then off to see MRG! It's very exciting.