today was pretty much like any other day, nothing exciting. I've been crafting (which I thought I had lost) and I'm having so much fun! I've been working out like a mad woman and I love the results...hate the workout. If yoga doesn't strengthen something son I may throw it out the window :) D is good, bored but that's to be expected in the middle of nowhere. I'm just thankful that he has a job to do over there and that they don't throw him into a grunt job. He's testing for Tech when he gets home. He's accomplished so much and I'm so proud of him. He may not get to sew it on for years but just passing the test is awesome enough. I miss him terribly and so do my very very bad babies. xoxo


update about us

we're both good, D is way bored.He's been getting lots of boxes from me and our church. They hook him up, he always says how heavy they are. The RA' have been drawing him helicopter pictures and sending him cute little things. He is always asking for more pictures but the dogs only do so many different things :) Work is ok, I'm going to stay there until D gets home. I have been decorating the house to keep busy. We have a very nice vacation planned for when he comes home. 5 star hotel and filet minon here I come! I have been losing weight very nicely, I am proud of myself and as much as I want a doughnut, I have lost enough to not want to hate myself. I still hate Oklahoma with a passion and I doubt that will ever change. Right now we're under tornadoe warning/watch ever...tornadoe is involved. We did get the offer of a lifetime today, I was told by a very good friend that she would be a surogate so we could have a baby. Talk about the most awesome gift you could ever give anyone. D and I are going to try a bit longer before we go down that road, I know what fertility treamanets feel like and that's alot to do to someone else. The furry babies are good, I miss D being here because they all want to sleep ontop of me and I hate that.