he's home (again)

DWG made it home at 630 yesterday morning (well it was 6am but when he moved my truck out of the middle of the driveway it was on E so he filled it up) (ya we're 15mins from a gas station that's open after 6pm) I so love it when he comes home, everything feels almost just right. Hopefully this is his last trip for awhile, but the thought never leaves my mind. Live everyday likes he deploys tomorrow.
In other news I got a new fertility dr and while I have to wait a whole month to see her, I think she's my answer! I have such renewed hope that we have someone like her in our corner. She was not the dr tht I asked for and i was quite ticked when I heard that I got her instead of the fancy dr I wanted. God sent her and her nurse B to me. She 's awaiting the arrival of my records but from what her and I already talked about a simple insemination procedure called an IUI seems to be our future. All an IUI is is a little help. It's nothing funky or weird. I have prayed and done my reasearch and I believe that this is the answer. Most everyone is just thankful that we have a light at the end of this long and painful tunnel. Others are not happy and that's ok. We are all entilied to our opinions and it will not make me think twice about any of this.
Somedays I wished I'd have become a dr, a dr to cure diabeties, PCOS, breast cancer, childhood lukemia. I may not ever come up with a medical cure for anything of these things but I do have an answer. God.