we are officially in countdown mode people! Yesterday was my last fabulous day of work for over a month! I am mostly ready for DWG to get here. Thank God for the sl who hung up all the wall stuff cause we all know it would have taken me four hours and would have been crooked. The mil and fil came over at 9 last night and we pulled weeds and laid fresh mulch in the flower beds. Today I have a few more things to run around and do and then i'll have days of rest before the excitement starts! My anxiety is high which is not a huge surprise so to compensate I've been buying clothes, shocker I know! I am beyond excited and happy and overwhelmed and oh my! all at the same time.


could it be!?!

really really really could it be!?! the hubs really is on the downward slope to a homecoming. I try not to get excited because let's face it, it's the AF and they don't usually play fair. I am ready to get back into the swing of being an AF wife. Living so far from base and him being gone I feel very disconnected. Not that I'm not a God fearing, pink loving, proudest AF wife ever every day, some days I just feel like a wife. I miss living on base, i miss the functions and BBQs and the sense of comfort and belonging you get from being on base.
My time away from him realy has flown, i did so many new things to the house that he won't recognize it (or me hopefully) when he get's here. Just about every room in the house got a facelift, too bad I couldn't! lol kidding of course :)
Also next week, I official am back to getting my body ready for a baby. I hate temp charting, seriously who invented that!?! I am excited of course but it really is bittersweet. I feel a million times better when i'm not on treatments but I have prayed about it and He says to keep trying. I know in my heart we will be parents and I pray that it looks like us


my life

is almost done being "my" life! woo hoo! DWG thinks he will be home before we know. I'll get excited when he's in our city. I've had a crazy whirlwind of things going on. My beloved Nanner had her knee worked on, I had a huge craft, show, my brother came to visit, church functions, he leaves, vaction bible school...my head is spinning. My brother coming was stress i really could have done without but we can't go back. My craft show was fun, 3 days was a loooong time. I am beyond excited to teach pre-k bible school! I have a feeling it's going to be the funnest week of my life. I have a million errands to run today. tag office, post office, nanner's dinner (which smells yummy!) and the list goes on. have a wonderful day! xoxo