the sun shined, money was spent, & rain drops fell

my life has gotten over busy which is how i make it. the only problem is that it now takes me two days to change the bed sheets. i think i might start changing them every two weeks instead...ew no! On friday morning i went to the post office to mail my second box in 6 days to my love. B's truck wasn't there but her schedule was different so I didn't think twice. i get to work to start my 1230-430 shift which i LOVE.
then i get see a friend who tells me the awful news that "grandpa" (as we call him) has passed away. my heart broke right there. How could that be? I had just seen him, he was fine. So the weekend was crazy with parites and kids and dinner and shopping. So today our pew was empty of it's normal crowd. and it is a crowd, we "pew pack" as our church family calls it, B likes it that way so she isn't reaching behind her to hold on to her "little" ducks. After church i went to one of my church grandma's for a traditonal southern lunch...i did not try the collard greens, i just couldn't. then we watched some ball game and went to a decorate you house from the catalog party. as i dropped her off she pointed me down the road to Rose's house.
ok so i'm headed that way, i turn down the road, there's the house with the railing at the end. i get out of the truck, the door is open for me by the tiny i get there, i step inside. i am in a super tiny house and i just have that feeling...i mutter "is Rose here?" 4 blank stares from 4 strangers. "nope baby you have the wrong house, would you like a cup of coffee?" i laughed, i told them only in OK would they let a stranger in, there wasn't even knocking the door was being held open for me, then offer my coffee. I tell them well i'm lost they told me the of ...st and this is the end of ...st. then the old man says "well honey that's becuase this is >>>st" i laughed hard. visiting was nice, i read a story about grandpa skinny dipping at age 5 and many money. then came time to go to the funeral home and i was reduced to tears and somehow my butt was glued to the chair. that's ok though i have nice memories in my head.


busy busy

I am always so busy! I like it that way though :) D is doing good, he's been pretty sick this week but he told me yesterday that he's feeling alot better. they've been having some nasty weather. so have we! i am so freaking sick of carpet! it's gross and the next person who wears shoes in my house is going to vaccum my carpet. I'm still doing good with losing weight and my shop is doing really good. Our next 3 months are going to be insane. Nanner is having surgery, I have a 2 days women's retreat, Easter, the girls are coming over for a girly day, 3 weddings, a 2 baby showers, a week of Vacation Bible School, and of course DWG will be home somewhere in the midst of all that. Hopefully he can keep up when he gets here.

today's sermon was good this morning. it was about forgiveness. how to completely forgive someone. i struggle with how do you keep forgiving a repeat offender? or that that person would probably love to hear you say that you "give in"? the preacher talked about how the bible says it's sinful to hate someone and that you will go to hell if you feel a forever hatred.