This morning the best message ever was spoken. Well I always say that but I just love the words that come out of that man's mouth! I wish that I could write some of what was said but it just isn't the same, I don't have the passion that he has. He spoke of being a Christian and needing a respirator or life support. And not the hospital kind, the human kind. He spoke of Job and how no matter what, Job would not curse the Lord. He also so pointedly spoke about how the Lord is our Holy God Almighty and how He can do anything and He does it alone and perfectly. I felt beyond convicted the ENTIRE service, in fact when he looked at me I had to shift my eyes. I never doubt my Savior or the plans He has for me, but I to often forget that He does have a perfect plan for me and that He is what matters period. I left people get to me, let them control my feelings, my thoughts, let them run me down and worry me. No more. I need to spend far more time on my knees and equally as much time praising Him with every breath. I do not need the human "pick me up" I need to instead look to Him and hear what he is saying.


Day 10

Finally! The last nasty pill has been swallowed. WOO HOO! This has definitely been the wrong time to go through another round of fertility drugs. In fact the last 2 months have almost killed me so I have decided to take 3 weeks off of school. That should get me through this cycle and then maybe my body won't be ticked and I won't be throwing up like a kid at prom. I never in a million years though this would be my life, ever. It's not something you can imagine and it's certainly not something that is easy when you feel that you have to be secretive. I am OMG SO thankful for my "warriors", it's amazing how even a tweet can make you feel better on you lowest infertile day. Thanks to those that love and support me, despite my crappy ovaries.


Happy February!

Is it really February already!?!

We've been busy :) We're always busy though...wait until my twins get here! Ok that's still wishful thinking but I've been slipping Dr. F presents to give me the good stuff. Ok so that's not true either, she said she just likes making twins so who am I to be picky. Beggars can't be choosers!!!
Last weekend we did a much needed overnight to Mimi and Pop's. It was wonderful to sit on the couch and relax. Of course that was short lived and on Sunday reality came back and there was housework and homework to be done.
DWG has been in the field all week. He hates to be cold and poor guy it's been freezing and snowy here all week. As a finale to the exercise the Comander's wife asked the wives to bring treaties to the squadron for the guys. I'm sure Sweets for our Sweethearts was a big hit. We didn't make it to the function that I spent 3 hours baking cookies for...Instead the Mafia needed lunch. Not that we didn't laugh and laugh and laugh all through lunch but still...
I made alot of cookies for alot of strangers...
I was pretty ticked. However! I did get over it rather quickly though....

Isn't she pretty!!! I love her:)